Price list (if same day please add 25% to price)

Suit $20.00
Suit Skirt/Trousers $10.00
Suit Jacket $10.00
Coat (above knee) $16.00
Coat (below knee) $20.00
Silk Blouse $14.00
Blouse $8.00
Evening Frock $24.00
Dresses $15.00
Jumper $8.00
Cardigan $8.00
Pleated Skirt $14.00
School Blazer $15.00
Men's Shirts $5.00
Ties $7.50
Duvets/Bed Covers $20.00+
How to fill out your A1 Drycleaning docket
  1. Write the date and name of work place (this would be your work place).
  2. Cross out the day you require the clothes back.
  3. List the articles and find the relevant price from the attached price list.
  4. Print your full name and phone number (if there are any problems A1 Drycleaning staff will ring you direct).
  5. You retain the top (white) docket. Place in an envelope or bag the second (blue) and third (pink) dockets along with the money/cheque.