Hem Trousers/Over Locked $22.00
Cuff Trousers/Over Locked $24.00
Hem Skirt/Over Locked $28.00
Hem Skirt/Over Locked/Lining $30.00
Hem Sleeves Plain $24.00
Zip Replacment $27.00
Zip Replacement Concealed $30.00
Patch Holes Varies Quotes can be given
Mend Hem 1 Leg Trouser $11.00
Mend Hem 2 Legs Trouser $22.00
Mend Hem Skirt $24.00
Sew On Motifs Quotes can be given
Take In/Out Trousers $26.00
Reverse Collars $28.00
Replace Half Pockets $22.00 (each pocket)
Replace Whole Pockets $44.00 (each pocket)
Repairs Patch Crutch $32.00
Business Hem Shirt Sleeves $32.00
Alterations will be collected and delivered daily. The standard turn around time is 3 days; however, alterations can be completed over night if requested. This would depend on stock i.e. zips. Please note, difficult alterations may take a little longer. We can and will contact you to advise time frame if outside normal turn around time. If you have any questions feel free contact us with your enquiries.